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Document List - New and Annual Review Appointments

Our priority is to ensure we create an accurate Financial Plan at our meeting. To help, please bring as many of the documents listed below to your appointment. Do bring orignals and we will make copies as needed. While preparing the documents, if you find you're unable to gather at least 90% of the items, please call our office at 517-484-4884 to reschedule to a better time when you have them prepared.

Part 1

·   Typical Paycheck Stub, if applicable.

·   Pension Statements or Projected Benefits

·   Social Security estimate or annual October Statement (Depending on your age you may not be receiving printed estimates in the mail. You will need to establish an account on-line with the Social Security Administration at www. to print your current information).

·   Tax Return – Recent Federal and State tax, including ALL supporting documents

·   Mortgage payment amount and time remaining – NOT including Escrow

·   Long Term Care (LTC) policies and Annual Statements NOT managed by our firm.

Part 2

·   Wills, Trusts, and Power of Attorney

·   Life Insurance policies and Annual Statements NOT managed by our firm.

·   Bank account or CD Statements.

·   Investment Statements NOT managed by our firm.

·   List of Savings Bonds

·   ALL debt balances, interest rates, payment amounts, time remaining, etc.

·   On-line usernames and passwords