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We believe successful relationships begin with a clear understanding of each client's specific needs, concerns and long-term objectives. Investment time horizon, income and liquidity requirements, prior investment experiences and tolerance for risk are all factors that help us to build the framework for your Fiduciary relationship. This framework becomes our guide in developing the asset allocation strategy and in selecting the individual securities that will make up your portfolio.

At Financial Independents, Inc., we work closely with each client. Our main responsibilities include not only managing your portfolio but also managing all other aspects of our client relationship. When establishing a new portfolio and throughout the management process, great care is taken to explain the potential risks and returns of various investments. Asset allocation and diversification are key factors in an investment program. Each portfolio is individually managed, providing flexibility in controlling transaction costs and enhancing portfolio tax efficiency.

The result of our close personal contact has created a tradition of long-lasting client relationships. As professionals, we regard the single most important item of consideration the responsibility of preserving the confidentiality of all client matters. Our overriding principle, which guides all of our actions, is our responsibility to the client and our true objectivity. Our interaction with you will reflect our honesty and concern for your interest, not ours.